REVEALED – Does Time Magazine HATE Tesla Motors?

Does Time Magazine HATE Tesla Motors?

Time magazine published its list of 100 most influential companies recently…

And Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) was not on the list!

Considering that the EV revolution wouldn’t have happened without Tesla…

And that the stock is up over 13,000% since I recommended it at $7.60 per share…

This is quite shocking. But as investors, the most important question is:

What’s the next huge winner in the EV revolution?

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Time magazine not putting Tesla on their list is suspicious to say the least.

For starters…

It’s the world’s most valuable car maker by a WIDE margin.

And without its contribution, the EV revolution wouldn’t have happened at all.

Meanwhile, all the U.S. companies that achieved trillion-dollar market caps made it on the list.

Just not Tesla.

Which is surprising considering it’s the undisputed leader of EVs and it’s either praised or emulated by automakers like Volkswagen and General Motors.

Thankfully, that’s something I was able to see back in 2013…

Which is why I urged my readers to buy the stock when it was just $7.60 a share…

And those who followed my advice have had the chance to see a 13,913% gain – enough to turn $5,000 into $700,650.

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