It’s March Madness for MEME Stocks

Sports fans may be watching the NCAA March Madness tournament…

Yet traders are making a killing in MEME stocks.

Investors and traders bought the mid-March dip – even as the war in Ukraine intensified and the Fed raised rates.

Nearly everything is soaring. That includes blue chip stocks, FAANG stocks, early stage tech stocks and of course MEME stocks.

Some of the biggest winners are the next generation MACE stocks.

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MEME stocks have been among the most impressive winners. Since March 14 we’ve seen huge moves…

  • 37% gains in Bed Bath & Beyond (NYSE: BBB)
  • 106% gains in AMC Entertainment (NYSE: AMC)
  • 123% gains in GameStop (NYSE: GME)

So, what’s behind these MEME stock moves?

AMC recently announced a $28 million investment in a gold stock called Hycroft Mining(NASDAQ: HYMC).

The movie chain apparently is planning more strategic investments – after raising $1.8 billion from investors. It sounds like AMC may aim to transform itself into a mini-Berkshire Hathaway.

GameStop Chairman Ryan Cohen recently bought 100,000 shares of stock. The insider buying signaled to investors that he thinks the stock is undervalued. And regular investors piled into the trade once again.

Cohen is also pushing for changes at Bed Bath & Beyond. He recently scooped up a 9.8% stake in the retailer. And once again – retail investors jumped on board “the next Gamestop.”

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Buying the Stock Market Dip

Market sentiment has certainly improved in the last two weeks.

Nearly 33% of investors are bullish as of March 23. That’s a huge increase from 23% the week earlier, according to the AAII Investor Sentiment Survey.

Plus, the Fear & Greed Index is no longer flashing “Extreme Fear.”

Stocks are roaring back since mid-March…

That’s when I wrote that stocks had just hit rock bottom.

“The recent market selloff also presents a huge buying opportunity. One that we haven’t seen since March 2020.”

Investors are looking for opportunities. And rising stock prices are encouraging investors to jump into their favorite fast money trades – including tech stocks and MEME stocks.

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Yours in Wealth,

Ian Wyatt

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