World Health Org Launches Covid-19 Megatrial

drug trial

The first ever pharmaceutical “megatrial” is getting started.

Think of this as being similar to a standard FDA clinical drug trial on steroids.

The goal is simple: to quickly create a coronavirus cure.

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The World Health Organization just announced a huge global trial called SOLIDARITY.

The study will include thousands of patients from dozens of countries around the world. The WHO will collect, verify, and tabulate the date and results from the various trials.

Right now, 15% of Covid-19 patients are suffering with severe symptoms.

So, it’s crucial that pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms quickly develop a solution. And several top biotech companies are rushing to create new coronavirus treatments.

Yet the WHO megatrial aims to re-use existing drugs – rather than creating new ones.

That’s because existing drugs have already gone through the exhaustive FDA trial process. That means they’ve been approved for use. And they’re proven to be safe for most patients.

Additionally, the WHO will begin testing unapproved drugs that have performed well in animal studies. There are existing drugs in development that have had positive results in animals infected with severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).

WHO is currently focusing its megatrial on four promising drugs.

Patients infected with Covid-19 will be asked if they would like to participate in a drug trial (participation is 100% optional).

They’ll then sign a consent form. And be enrolled in the WHO megatrial and randomly given one of the four trial drugs.

Doctors will record the duration of the hospital stay. The ultimate outcome of the patient. And whether the patient needed oxygen or ventilation.

The goal is to quickly institute a large-scale testing regimen of people from around the world.

Unlike most clinical trials, every participant will receive a drug. That means no patients will receive a placebo.

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