Florida Man Turns $15k into $395,000 with These Cryptos

Frankly, I was shocked when my research analyst Andrew recently told me…

How he’d turned $15k into $395,000 with cryptos.

After 4+ years of trading cryptos…

Andrew is making a major change. And he expects it’ll send his crypto portfolio to +$1 million in the next year.

That’s because he’s investing in a new group of Crypto Moonshots with a chance at seeing 10X… 25X… and even 100X profits.

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Bitcoin and Ethereum are clearly leading the market higher…

Bitcoin is up 288%…

And Ethereum has soared 883% in the last year.

The total market value of these top two cryptos are now at new highs. Ethereum is now worth $540 billion. And Bitcoin is worth nearly $1.2 trillion.

Both of these are conservative “blue chip cryptos.”

Andrew expects that they’ll keep climbing until for another 6 – 12-months.

However, the gains from Bitcoin and Ethereum may be small compared with a new group of next generation cryptos.

In fact – we’re already seeing new cryptos lead the market higher…

  • 2,875% profits with Decentraland
  • 4,460% profits with Helium
  • 7,933% profits with Solena
  • 9,742% profits with Polygon
  • 12,254% profits with Fathom

And that’s just within the last year!

As of today – there are 14,101 cryptocurrencies. And the number is rising every single day.

That’s about 3X the number of stocks trading on the NYSE and NASDAQ!

Honestly, most of these cryptos are complete ####.

So, how do you separate the #### coins from the next Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Andrew recently showed me 3 signals that he’s using to pinpoint the next Decentraland… Solena or Fathom.

Plus, his research has identified 3 cryptos that could launch higher within the next 30 days.

Here’s the good news…

He’s also going to share it with YOU. And he’ll even give you the NAME and details on how to buy one of his top Crypto Moonshots for 2022.

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Yours in Wealth,
Ian Wyatt

P.S. Andrew says his 2,533% profits in Bitcoin and Ethereum is just the start…

And he’s expecting far bigger profits with these 5 Crypto Moonshots.

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