Is Bitcoin the New Gold?

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Trading cryptocurrencies can be a lucrative experience.

Stories pop up in every bull market about someone who traded a few thousand dollars into a million-dollar stake… or more.

And with the right crypto play, you could at least multiply your wealth in a very short period of time.

A select group of Crypto Moonshots are already soaring to new highs. And early investors are seeing maximum gains of 51X… 79X… and even 122X in just 1-year.

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But if you’re not in the right coin, you can underperform… or lose it all.

Just ask investors in the recent “Squid coin,” whose founders shut the project down and ran off with $3.3 million.

That’s why it’s important to follow a few rules (or at least guidelines).

Buying a cryptocurrency just because you like the breed of dog it’s named after is not going to cut it most of the time.

Fundamentals matter…

For cryptocurrencies, that may mean using a filter as simple as making sure the crypto is backing a project (and not just talking about one).

For Bitcoin, the idea is digital scarcity and a medium of exchange. For Ethereum, it’s a smart contract protocol that’s seeing massive growth thanks to the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

These cryptos are attracting developers to work on projects, because there’s a proven concept in them.

Investing in cryptos is very similar to investing in gold.

That’s because buying Bitcoin is like buying and holding gold – without having central banks own most of the supply or big paper markets that can keep the price down.

That makes investing in smaller cryptos like investing in gold mining companies. When gold rallies, mining companies tend to outperform. It’s the same thing with cryptos.

I started investing in gold stocks in 2002. The world was coming off the tech bubble crash. But gold was coming off a cyclical bear market that started in the 1980s, coming off a low of $250 per ounce to around $400 per ounce at the time.

When gold prices continued higher, gold mining stocks became a reliable place for triple-digit winners that far exceeded the market.

And, yes, gold prices are much higher today than when I started investing. The metal is around $1,800 per ounce.

But pick a time period over the past 10 years, and gold has either seen a slight loss, or it’s up, at most, about 70%.

That’s a poor return. Especially when gold is supposed to be a hedge against inflation. With inflation rates at 30-year highs, gold should be performing much better.

Part of the reason might be the shift of capital into cryptocurrencies. And many gold investors are starting to make the switch and embrace new “digital gold.”

The return potential in cryptocurrencies can far exceed today’s inflation rates.

That’s why Bitcoin is the new gold.

That’s true of big projects like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which could be setting up for a big rally in the coming months.

But it’s smaller crypto projects that could see huge, even life-changing returns.

That’s why I’m targeting a select group of Crypto Moonshots in my own portfolio. And I’m prepared to show you exactly how to get started today.

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Andrew Packer

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