How to Beat the Coming Social Security Cuts

A new report from the Social Security Trustees just said…

That the trust’s funds are expected to run out of money by 2034. And unless lawmakers come up with a fix, that could mean your Social Security check could be cut.

Should you file early… or look for other ways to increase your income?

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Claiming Social Security early makes sense in some scenarios.

But if that wasn’t your initial plan, consider this…

While SS may need to reduce the amount it pays in benefits, the program is not in danger of running out of money completely.

So a better alternative could be for you to simply add a new income source.

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Another thing to consider is that…

The potential Social Security cuts are not set in stone.

Lawmakers can still introduce new changes like tax increases or other solutions to make up for the revenue shortfall.

So instead of rushing to take benefits early…

A better solution could be to increase your income in other ways.

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Yours in Wealth,
Ian Wyatt

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