iPhone 13 Sparks Satellite Stock

My proprietary trading robot just issued a big, fat X-Signal on a new satellite stock. And I’m ready to jump in with both feet and ride this sucker to the moon. << Want to join? Go there.

Here are the details…

There’s a been a lot of speculation on Wall Street that the new version of iPhone will be equipped to handle space-based mobile communications.

In other words, you can make calls even when you’re beyond the reach of a cell network.

The rumor circulates a leaked report that the iPhone 13 will use a Qualcomm chip that supports low-earth-orbit satellite communications.

Already, Globalstar (GSAT) jumped 44% on the rumor and Iridium Communications (IRDM) shares rose about 9%.

But the stock I’m looking at could come out the winner. I’ll tell you what it is when you click here.

Why am I so sure this is going to go “to the moon”?

Because BIG Wall Street money is pouring in behind the scenes in the form of Block Trades (which are privately negotiated trades that only Wall Street can do).

My proprietary algorithm flagged this activity down and sent me an X-Signal.

And if you’re not familiar with my X-Signal – it’s responsible for a 100%+ gain every 1.5 months on average.

Gains like…

  • 118% on Wells Fargo
  • 268.2% on GOGO, Inc
  • 125.2% on SPDR Gold Trust
  • 136.4% on CVS
  • 210.1% on Luminar Technologies
  • 187.1% on AvePoint
  • 111.4% on Artius Acquisition
  • 102.8% on General Electric
  • 251% on Quantumscape Crop
  • 100.6% on Paya Holdings
  • 151.4% on Tailwind Acquisition Corp
  • 105.1% on Palantir
  • 147.1% on Advantage Solutions
  • 203.2% on Establishment Labs Holdings
  • 116% on S.R. Accord Ltd
  • 134.4% on Cerevel Therapeutics
  • 150% on Velodyne lidar Inc
  • 490.8% on Desktop Metals
  • 130.7% on Hims & Hers Health, Inc
  • 105.1% on Oaktree Acquisition Corp
  • 278.5% on Skillz, Inc
  • 172.2% on Paya Holdings
  • 134% on AirBnB
  • 304.2% on GOGO, Inc
  • 146.2%  on Desktop Metals

Do you want to get in on this new satellite stock X-Signal? Go here.

This could be HUGE. It would be a shame to miss out on it.

Good Investing,
Mike Burnick
Research Analyst

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