Insiders Loading Up on NLY


Insiders bought $6 million worth of Annaly Capital Management Inc (NYSE:NLY) stock.

And that’s without counting an additional $11 million that was also bought last week.

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Annaly Capital is a mortgage real estate investment trust (REIT)…

Which means it borrows money at lower short-term lending rates and uses this to buy mortgage-backed securities (MBSs) that have higher long-term yields.

It is currently paying a 10.2% yield…

And it will report earnings on Wednesday October 27.

Not sure if there will be a big surprise or announcement – but insiders are loading up on the stock.

$3 million on Tuesday last week. $7 million on Friday. $1 million last Monday. And $6 million yesterday.

“The stock market is rigged.”

That’s because Wall Street trading robots now dominate trading activity, according to WSJ bestselling author Michael Lewis.

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Do they know something that you and I don’t?


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Here’s some of them:

  • 118% on Wells Fargo
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  • 278.5% on Skills, Inc
  • 136.4% on CVS
  • 251% on Quantumscape Corp
  • 490.8% onDesktop Metals, Inc
  • 203.2% on Establishment Labs Holdings
  • 304.2% on GOGO, Inc.
  • 172.2% on Paya Holdings.


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