Law Washout Turns $2k IRA Into $5 Billion

IRS records show…

That a former law washout has used his IRA to amass a vast fortune. How?

By betting on stocks and companies most investors ignore but that insiders don’t.

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You may have heard this man’s name.

He is PayPals co-founder billionaire Peter Thiel. But what you may not know is that…

Since his college years – he’s been a vocal opponent of taxes.

And according to ProPublica – he has quietly turned his Roth IRA into a gargantuan, tax-exempt piggybank over the last 20 years, confidential IRS data shows.

By betting on stocks that most investors ignore…

Thiel has turned a $2k retirement account into a $5 BILLION windfall.

Is it wrong to spy on Wall Street traders?

Wall Street is brutal. The big trading firms get to buy and sell in secret before you do… on information only they have. But what if there’s a way for you to see and act on these secret trades?

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It’s funny because my proprietary trading algorithm alerts me of the same type of under-the-radar trading activity from ultrawealthy investors just like him.

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Take CVS Health Corp. (NYSE: CVS) for example…

A stock that went down 43% for over five years.

Last August 2020, my trading bot alerted me that the rich were loading up on it.

I didn’t know WHY they did…

But I went ahead and placed the same trade as them.

Just two months later, in October 2020, it was announced that the Trump administration had struck a deal with the company to administer coronavirus vaccines.

And sure enough – I was able to lock in a 136.4% gain on this trade.

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Good Investing,
Mike Burnick
Research Analyst

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