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Someone just bought $66 million of CRC stock.

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California Resources Corporation (NYSE: CRC) is a company that focuses in hydrocarbon exploration in California.

It started trading in October 2020…

And it has the largest privately held mineral acreage position in the Golden State.

But why did insiders just buy $66 million worth of stock?

Frankly, I don’t know and I don’t care.

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Take Affirm for example…

My trading bot alerted me of a similar scenario that just happened with CRC.

And sure enough, it caused my position to jump $146.8% practically overnight.

Right after I bought in…

Affirm got a huge announcement for a new Amazon payment deal.

But the important thing is that my trading bot got me in the stock BEFORE a big market-moving announcement.

Same thing happened with CVS, which I traded for 136.4% gains.

As I soon as I received my bot’s advance alert…

It was announced that the Trump administration had struck a deal with the company to administer coronavirus vaccines.

But frankly…

I think it’s a little late to get in on this California Resources Corporation trade I told you about.

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Good Investing,
Mike Burnick
Research Analyst

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