Fed Trading SCANDAL – The Truth

Two weeks after two Fed presidents were caught trading using privileged information…

They’ve both announced they’re retiring early.

It’s yet another scandal proving the market often favors insiders – but it can favor us regular investors too if we place the SAME trades as them.

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The two leads of today’s story are:

  • Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan
  • And Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren

Who a week ago announced they were selling their positions due to “ethics”…

And they’re now announcing their “early retirement” after the scandal.

The proof that the game is often rigged is undeniable – and we can do 2 things…

Ignore it – or use it to our advantage.

See, I’ve built a trading robot that gives us a “sneak peek” to trades insiders are placing behind the scenes.

It has delivered over 25 triple-digit-percentage gainers by doing one simple thing…

Following these dirty insider traders’ financial moves.

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Take a look at some of the gains I’ve managed to rack up:

  • 118% on Wells Fargo
  • 268.2% on GOGO, Inc
  • 125.2% on SPDR Gold Trust
  • 136.4% on CVS
  • 210.1% on Luminar Technologies
  • 187.1% on AvePoint
  • 111.4% on Artius Acquisition
  • 102.8% on General Electric
  • 251% on Quantumscape Crop
  • 100.6% on Paya Holdings
  • 151.4% on Tailwind Acquisition Corp
  • 105.1% on Palantir
  • 147.1% on Advantage Solutions
  • 203.2% on Establishment Labs Holdings
  • 116% on S.R. Accord Ltd
  • 134.4% on Cerevel Therapeutics
  • 150% on Velodyne lidar Inc
  • 490.8% on Desktop Metals
  • 130.7% on Hims & Hers Health, Inc
  • 105.1% on Oaktree Acquisition Corp
  • 278.5% on Skillz, Inc
  • 172.2% on Paya Holdings
  • 134% on AirBnB
  • 304.2% on GOGO, Inc
  • 146.2% on Desktop Metals

That’s one 100% (or more) winner every 1.5 months on average.

“The stock market is rigged.”

That’s because Wall Street trading robots now dominate trading activity, according to WSJ bestselling author Michael Lewis.

These types of “bots” have been OFF LIMITS to regular investors – until now…

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Look – these insiders are going to keep abusing the system no matter what.

But instead of being frustrated about it…

We can get alerted to their hidden trades and piggyback off of them.

Time to legally skim some money out of Wall Street’s pockets.

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Good Investing,
Mike Burnick
Research Analyst

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