Goldman Officer BUSTED

Another day – another insider trading scandal.

Today it’s an ex-Goldman Sachs compliance officer who made illicit $471k returns…

Proving once again that mimicking insiders’ trades is probably the best way for us to have a real shot at Wall-Street-like gains.

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The SEC…

Has accused Jose Luis Casero Sanchez of making 100s of thousands of dollars using confidential information during his time in Goldman Sachs.

According to the Financial Times…

“He abused that position of trust” by making at least 45 trades based on the investment bank’s confidential information.

He didn’t respond to the FT’s requests for comment…

But as they pointed out, a recent study estimated that insider trading happens FOUR TIMES more frequently than prosecutions.

So yes – the game seems to be more rigged than ever…

But we can do something to leverage it to our advantage.

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Because it seems this trend just won’t stop.

Take Bloomberg’s recent report, for example.

It showed that insider trading is not only alive and well…

But it’s even taken on a dint of respectability as long as it’s the fat cats who are doing it.

And this is the exact reason why I built this cutting-edge trading robot.

Because by detecting and placing the SAME TRADES insiders are buying behind the scenes…

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