Secret Summer IPO Boom . . . and How to Profit

IPO boom

The IPO boom on Wall Street is reaching epic proportions.

Even during the usually slow weeks of late summer, the IPO market is on fire.

And high-profile unicorns are leading the charge in this IPO boom.

Dozens of +$1 billion companies are getting ready to IPO within the next 90 days.

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The last few weeks of August are usually reserved for late summer vacations before school begins.

And the canyons of Wall Street nearly always empty out at this time of year.

But there’s no rest for the weary on Wall Street.

Five private software companies and four biotechs filed plans to go public this week. July alone saw almost $19 billion in IPOs. That’s the busiest month for new stock listings since September 2014.

As of this week, another $16 billion was raised in August IPOs. That makes June, July and August 2020 the busiest months on record for new public listings in this IPO boom.

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Topping the list of upcoming IPOs are several big-time unicorns . . . that is, private companies already worth more than a billion dollars before the IPO.

The IPOs to watch include:

  • Asana, workplace software
  • Unity Software (U), video game software
  • Snowflake (SNOW), cloud data
  • Sumo Logic (SUMO), cloud software
  • JFrog (FROG), software development
  • Ant Group (ANT), online payments
  • Palantir Technologies (PLTR), data analytics

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Palantir is an interesting story amid the IPO boom. The company chose to bypass the Wall Street IPO route with a direct listing on the New York Stock Exchange.

Another fascinating fact is that ALL but one of these hot IPOs are unprofitable, and with accelerating losses.

The exception is China’s Ant Group, famous for its Alipay digital payment app with over one billion users. Ant generated profits of $3.6 billion in the last six months, with $10.5 billion in sales.

Unfortunately, American investors will be shut out of the Ant IPO. The company plans a dual listing of its shares in Shanghai and Hong Kong, bypassing the U.S.

Bottom line: More money than ever is chasing hot IPOs. And some of the hottest unicorns are coming to market soon. That also means a lucrative crop of Pre-IPO shares to profit from in this IPO boom.

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