Google Just Spent $100 Million on this Pre-IPO


Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) is jumping into Pre-IPOs . . . with a $100 million investment in a cloud computing telemedicine provider.

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Google Cloud just announced a $100 million investment.

It’s buying a large stake in Amwell. Formerly known as American Well, the company creates technology for virtual doctor’s visits, or telemedicine.

Doctors were previously reluctant to move patient visits online. Yet they’ve been forced to embrace new telemedicine technology in order to service at-risk patients.

Amwell is among the largest telemedicine technology providers. It works with 2,000 hospitals, 55 health plans and 36,000 employers.

Google is a major partner with the company – providing its cloud computing platform. That’s why Google was invited to BUY these Pre-IPO shares.

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Why is Google investing in Amwell?

First, the investment helps secure the partnership between the companies. Google’s move to make a huge investment assures that Amwell won’t switch to Amazon Web Services or another cloud platform.

Second, Google thinks that the investment will deliver a big return. That’s because IPOs are booming. Anything related to technology or cloud computing is soaring in price.

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Just check out the huge growth for this telemedicine technology company:

Amwell has seen a 1,000% increase in doctor visits. And a 77% increase in revenues in the first half of 2020!

In June, Amwell filed confidential IPO paperwork with the S.E.C. On Aug. 24, the filings were released publicly.

The company plans to raise $100 million in an IPO within the next 30 days. Google’s $100 million investment is happening alongside the IPO.

These funds add to the $194 million in venture capital that Amwell raised in May.

Amwell will have raised nearly $400 million in three months – when you add up the VC investment, Google’s investment and the IPO.

This telemedicine IPO is definitely one that I’ll be watching.

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