My Top 5 Picks Now: Online Lottery, Crypto, Space, and 2 EVs

My Top 5 Picks Now: Online Lottery, Crypto, Space, and 2 EVs

When Robinhood (private) IPOs this Thursday, millions of people will be able to trade shares of this online brokerage.

But for most people trading after the IPO, the potential gains may not be that great.

Meanwhile, folks who were able to invest in the Pre-IPO shares could see 27x gains!

But here’s good news for you: I’ve found a loophole for regular investors.

It’s called: The Billionaire’s Pre-IPO Secret.

And with it, I’ve discovered FIVE companies that are about to go public – which you can still claim Pre-IPO shares of before they IPO!

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There are currently 414 private companies preparing to go public.

That’s a lot of companies to sift through and find the best investing opportunities out there.

But after digging through them, these five Pre-IPO companies really stand out – and could make early investors a LOT of money.

Pre-IPO #1 – The “EV Gas Station”

More EVs are selling in 2021 than any other year in history!

But with a possible 35 million EVs on American roads by 2030, there’s a problem developing:

There aren’t enough charging stations being built!

That’s where this “EV Gas Station” company comes into play.

It’s already the largest provider of EV charging stations in Europe. And after recent certification, it can now be installed across North America.

Don’t miss the boat on this EV charging solution!

Pre-IPO #2 – The Flying EV Taxi

Most people think about Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) and other cars when hearing about EVs.

But a new mode of electric transportation is coming to major American cities within the next few years:

EV aircraft.

Just picture taking an Uber (NYSE: UBER) to get somewhere, but instead of getting in a car – you hop in a plane instead!

This WILL be a reality, potentially within just four years.

One undercover billionaire just put $212 MILLION into this undiscovered EV aircraft company…

That could climb 443% when it goes public!

Pre-IPO #3 – DraftKings 2.0

DraftKings (NASDAQ: DKNG) shook up the world of online sports betting, and made a lot of early investors rich.

It went from a $1 billion valuation in 2015…

To an $18 BILLION valuation after its IPO – that’s a 1,652% gain!

Right now, the DraftKings CEO is betting on a brand-new online gambling company…

That could see its revenue soar from $70 million to $1 BILLION by 2025.

Like all these other plays, you’ve got a chance to invest in Pre-IPO shares BEFORE this company goes public.

Pre-IPO #4 – The Global Crypto Exchange

Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny the stunning emergence of the crypto boom of 2021.

Cryptocurrencies and crypto stocks have seen record highs this year…

And one undiscovered crypto company has been profiting BIG time.

It’s been backed by Japan’s top VC firm, and pulled in $350 million in commissions in Q1.

This global crypto exchange is preparing to go public later this year, and the Pre-IPO shares have plenty of room to grow before that happens.

Make sure you don’t miss your chance to stake a claim in this crypto exchange.

Pre-IPO #5 – The Silicon Valley-backed Space Venture

Last, there’s one red-hot space company that’s expected to IPO in the next 90 days…

And could soar 515% after going public!

Space stocks are all the rage right now, with extra interest after Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos went to space earlier this month.

Virgin Galactic (NYSE: SPCE) and Blue Origin (private) are some of the biggest names in the 2021 space race…

And this undiscovered space company could soon join their ranks after getting a $1.2 BILLION valuation.

So, How Can You Invest in These Companies?

These private tech stocks are preparing to go public…

And with The Billionaire’s Pre-IPO Secret, you can claim Pre-IPO shares within months or just a few weeks BEFORE they go public.

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