Morgan Stanley Buy Alert Top 2 EV Stocks (tickers)

Morgan Stanley Buy Alert Top 2 EV Stocks (tickers)

Wall Street has jumped into the EV boom . . .

Recently, Morgan Stanley issued a BUY ALERT on two EV stocks.

Yet the firm is overlooking a brand-new EV battery stock that’s getting ready to go public.  

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Here’s the thing . . .

Big banks like Morgan Stanley are always late to the game.

That’s because these banks are REQUIRED to wait at least 25 days AFTER an IPO before making a recommendation. So, they definitely are not recommending Pre-IPO shares.

Morgan Stanley’s BUY Alert focused on two stocks . . .

QuantumScape (NYSE: QS)

Morgan Stanley just picked up coverage of QuantumScape. The company makes solid-state batteries for electric vehicles. It has already partnered up with Volkswagen.

QuantumScape got a Buy recommendation and a $70 price target from Morgan Stanley – compared with the current price of $23.

QuantumScape went public on Nov. 27. And it took Morgan Stanley more than two months to release its recommendation.

This next-generation EV stock soared above $130 last year. However, my clients were able to jump into the QuantumScape Pre-IPO at below $13 per share.

Shares then soared as much as 949% after the stock went public and started trading.

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Fisker (NYSE: FSR)

Fisker also got a Buy recommendation from Morgan Stanley.

Previously I’ve described Fisker as “the next Tesla Motors.” The company is creating a new electric vehicle SUV.

Morgan Stanley notes that Fisker is partnering with Magna International (NYSE: MGA) to manufacture its electric cars. The analyst notes that this partnership reduces the risk for Fisker.

Fisker stock gets a $27 share price target – compared with a current share price of $16.

Yet Morgan Stanley is again late to the game . . .

My clients had a shot to buy Fisker shares just days before going public. And at the time the Pre-IPO shares could be purchased for less than $10.

One new EV carmaker is quietly considering going public. And Pre-IPO investors are placing bets that this new company could take off after going public.

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The Next EV Battery Pre-IPO – Starts Trading This Year

Investment banks typically follow a 25-day quiet period after an initial public offering.

That means the firm’s analysts will NOT issue research reports . . . or a buy recommendation or share price target for nearly one month after an IPO.

Bullish reports from one or more analyst can boost the shares of recent IPOs.

The investment banks very rarely issue research reports on private companies. And they typically can’t – or won’t – issue reports on stocks right after the IPO.

This creates an opportunity for independent investment research firms like Wyatt Investment Research . . . because we aren’t bound to the same rules and “quiet period” of the Wall Street banks.

As a result, I’m able to research and release reports on private companies that are getting ready to go public.

My #1 EV battery stock is currently private. And I’m expecting shares will begin trading later this year.

Shares of this new EV stock could jump 460% after the IPO. No guarantees.But that’s based upon my research report and share price target.

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One new EV company is creating a next-generation battery. It can go from ZERO to fully charged in 15 minutes. And it’s reported to be 100% safe and nonflammable.

I expect that this new company could go public this spring. Yet before that happens the company is raising nearly $500 million in a final Pre-IPO financing.

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Ian Wyatt

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