One Battery Metal Stock Could Save the EV Industry

One Battery Metal Stock Could Save the EV Industry

The EV boom is in great danger.

Emerging technologies, renewable energy solutions, and electric vehicles are all relying on a steady stream of ONE unique battery metal:


And right now, there simply ISN’T enough to go around!

Fortunately, one American-based company is could be sitting on a MAJOR lithium discovery.

If they find what they’re hoping to, this stock’s share price could soar 985%. And early investors could potentially see an incredible payday.

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Anyone who knows economics 101 knows that when there’s incredible demand for something and not enough supply, trouble starts brewing.

And that’s the exact situation we’re seeing right now with one powerful battery metal that’s powering the $1.9 TRILLION EV industry.

I’m talking about lithium.[Get the details here].

Right now, there’s not enough lithium being produced to keep up with the skyrocketing demand.

Military technology, electric vehicle development, and renewable energies are all exploding as industries right now. And they all need a LOT of lithium.

To give you a clearer picture of just how much lithium is needed to make these technological developments happen, consider this recent study from the U.S. Department of Energy.

They found that 60% of lithium battery supplies are going toward just electric vehicles.

That’s INSANE.

And to make this issue more complicated, the top three producers of elements like lithium hold more than 75% of global supply.

There’s a desperate need for lithium in order to make these tech developments happen. And there are delicate geopolitical issues at play too due to concentrated production power.

To get a visual sense of what these issues look like, take a look at this chart.

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That’s the projected worldwide lithium demand from 2016 to 2030.

And in 2021, we’ve barely seen anything compared to what the next few years have in store.

Now, there’s one good thing about the supply crunch we’re seeing for lithium:

Its price has already risen by over 100% in the last year.

And analysts at investment bank Macquarie (ASX: MQG) believe the price could climb up to ANOTHER 100% in the next few years.

That’s a pretty good forecast if you just wanted to invest in lithium. Potentially doubling your money on one investment is nothing to laugh about.

But if you want to know where the real opportunity lies, you need to be looking at who’s producing and developing lithium.

One American developer could help transform the United States into a big-player on the global lithium production scene in the coming years.

And according to my price estimates shares could climb 985% in the next few years!

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Yours in Wealth,
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