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You already know that stocks are rising. The S&P 500 is up 30% from the lows on March 23.

Why are stocks rising?

  • +$3 trillion economic stimulus from Congress
  • +$10 trillion in asset purchases by the Fed
  • 50 states now reopening
  • Coronavirus cases and deaths falling
  • Promising biotech drugs in the pipeline

All that good news is making investors optimistic.

So, they’ve started buying popular ETFs such as the S&P 500. Plus, investors have flocked to the biggest tech stocks including Apple, Amazon and Microsoft.

Most folks simply buy stocks.

Yet a small group of folks are using profit accelerator trades to earn outsized gains. Just take a look at these results.

profit accelerator

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Frankly, you should consider these trades if you . . .

  1. Believe America will eventually recover from this crisis
  2. Expect the stock market will bounce back
  3. Have $500 to get started with your first trade

That’s really it.

Because these trades are the single best way to profit from America’s Comeback 2020.

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