America’s Comeback: Inside the 3-Phase Recovery

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The 3-Phase U.S. Recovery

Let me walk you through the three-phase U.S. recovery . .

Phase 1: Slow and Cautious Re-Opening

Phase 1 in the U.S. recovery is underway right now.

Schools remain closed. Some businesses are being allowed to operate by limiting the number of customers in stores or restaurants. And businesses that don’t see customers – such as those in manufacturing – are allowed to re-open.

Some Americans go right back to business as usual while others remain cautious and curtail activities. Older people and those with illnesses choose to stay close to home. And travel remains largely local for most people.

During this phase of the U.S. recovery, things begin to return to normal (go here for my #1 trade for this week).

Phase 2: Full Re-Opening

During this phase we see progress on drug therapies that reduce the fatality rate. Additionally, as new cases remain contained, people become less concerned about the virus.

This is when most businesses choose to re-open. They may have to re-configure their workplace to accommodate social-distancing requirements. K-12 schools prepare for re-opening in August and September. Yet some colleges and universities elect to offer classes primarily online for the fall semester.

During this time in the U.s. recovery, the virus is still widespread. Yet healthy people have decided to get back to normal. Timing on this phase could happen between August and early 2021. The biggest risk to this phase is a second wave of the virus.

Phase 3: The End of Coronavirus

The coronavirus crisis won’t really end until there is a vaccine.

Several promising vaccines are being fast-tracked by the FDA. And they’re already starting clinical trials on people. This is positive news.

FDA approval could occur by early 2021. It could then take 12 – 24 months to vaccinate the entire population in the U.S. . . . and even longer in less developed nations.

The vaccine is the ultimate solution to this pandemic. Immunizing the population is required for life to fully return to 100% normal.

Of course, this recovery could be derailed IF the U.S. fails to contain the virus by easing social distancing requirements.

Health experts warn that a second wave of the coronavirus could happen later this year. And we’re already seeing 13 states where the outbreak is on the rise.

There may be fits and starts along the way. Yet America’s recovery is getting started. This three-phase U.S. recovery will likely unfold over the next 18 – 24 months. And that provides numerous trading opportunities.

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