S&P 500 Approves Tesla Motors – Stock Adds $43 Billion

Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) stock is soaring 11%!

Today’s move adds $43 billion in market value for the world’s #1 electric vehicle stock.

America’s biggest stock market index has been snubbing Tesla Motors.

That changes now that Standard & Poor’s announced plans to include Tesla in the S&P 500 index. Inclusion in the S&P 500 is long overdue – given Tesla Motors’ huge size.

It’s also a signal that S&P views EVs as a crucial aspect of the U.S. economy and economic growth.

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Tesla Motors will become the largest stock ever added to the S&P 500.

The stock has already added 370% in 2020. And that makes it the among the best performing large-cap stocks in 2020.

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tesla motors

After today’s jump the company is valued at $430 billion. And that would make it the ninth most valuable company in the S&P 500.

Let me put this in context: Tesla is more valuable than iconic American companies including Walmart (NYSE: WMT), Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS) and Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO).

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Why Tesla Motors Stock is Jumping on the News

CEO Elon Musk was snubbed in September when the S&P 500 decided to NOT include Tesla in the index.

The Dow Jones S&P investment committee decides which companies are included in the S&P 500 index. Market capitalization is one aspect of the decision process. However, S&P also requires that a company report a profit for four consecutive quarters.

The committee also reviews other financial metrics to make its decisions.

Tesla had already reported five consecutive quarters of profits. And that’s why it was surprising that the company was passed over in September.

Investors were surprised by the news – and Tesla stock dropped from $500 to around $425.

Today’s news is reversing that decline.

Shares of Tesla are jumping over 11% in trading this morning. And the stock is now trading around $456 per share.

Currently, $11.2 trillion of assets are benchmarked to the S&P 500 index. And this includes $4.6 trillion that’s invested in popular index funds such as the SPDR S&P 500 (NYSE: SPY).

Tesla’s inclusion in the index means that these funds must add a position in Tesla. An influx of buying could send Tesla shares higher before the end of the year.

Electric vehicle companies are among the hottest stocks. And the S&P inclusion of Tesla is a major stamp of approval for the booming growth industry.

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