Behind the 5G Virus Conspiracy

virus conspiracy

5G towers are being set on fire.


Because a virus conspiracy theory blames new 5G technology for the spread of coronavirus.

5G is an unstoppable growth trend. And it’s expected to be a centerpiece of the next stimulus package.

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A corpocracy theory has been circulating online. It claims that the spread of COVID-19 is occurring due to new wireless technology known as 5G.

The idea is that 5G networks weaken the human immune system. As a result, it makes people more susceptible to the coronavirus.

This virus conspiracy theory has been widely circulated on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Celebrities including John Cusack and Woody Harrelson have helped to share the unfounded claims.

Fox News reports that the conspiracy has “led to more than 100 incidents involving U.K. police in April.”

That includes more than 30 acts of vandalism and arson.

5G towers in Birmingham and Liverpool have been set on fire.

Typically, conspiracy theories stay online. This is an unusual situation where the virus conspiracy theory is causing destruction in the real world. 

Health experts say there is no connection between 5G and the coronavirus. The virus is spread primarily through human-to-human contact.

Experts point out that there are coronavirus outbreaks in U.K. cities where there are no 5G towers. Additionally, the virus is widespread in Japan and Iran where they have not installed the technology.

During uncertain times, people look for answers. And unusual theories like the virus conspiracy theory can circulate quickly to explain a situation.

It’s crucial that we focus on the FACTS – not fringe theories like the virus conspiracy theory.

5G is a huge $12.3 trillion growth sector.

Within the next two to three years, America’s wireless companies plan to spend $100 billion upgrading wireless networks. And the amounts could be even bigger.

Congress is considering a new $1 trillion stimulus package. It would focus on infrastructure projects in the U.S.

These projects could include roads, highways, water systems and the rollout of new 5G networks.

President Trump has banned Chinese companies from installing 5G technology in the U.S. And that means American companies will reap the rewards.

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