Warren Buffett’s #1 Investment (NOT Berkshire Hathaway)

Less than four years ago . . .

Warren Buffett

Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK) made its single best investment. And it’s already handed the company $43 billion in profits.

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Back in 2016, Berkshire Hathaway made its first investment in Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL).

The initial $1 billion investment was made by one of Berkshire’s investment managers – either Todd Combs or Ted Weschler.

After that initial investment Buffett himself got involved. Warren still manages the vast majority of Berkshire’s investment portfolio.

Warren Buffett realized that Apple was much more than a hardware company. And that the company was building an ecosystem around the iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iTunes and iCloud.

“When I take a dozen kids, as I do on Sundays, out to Dairy Queen, they’re all holding their iPhones. They barely can talk to me except if I’m ordering ice cream,” Warren Buffett explained in an interview with CNBC.

With Apple shares now trading around $314 Buffett’s earned a 123% profit. And his total gain on the position is now $43 billion – with nearly all profits within the last year.

That makes Apple Buffett’s No. 1 investment ever – in terms of the total profits.

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The impressive Apple ecosystem is the reason I bought shares back in 2011 at $55 per share. And the stock is now up 457% . . .  including reinvested dividends.

Great products and earnings growth have been a primary driver for Apple stock.

Yet the company has become one of the most shareholder-friendly companies. And that’s evidenced by the Apple dividend . . . it has increased 64% in the last five years.

Plus, the company has been an aggressive buyer of its own stock.

Apple has repurchased over $77 billion of its stock in the public markets in the last year.

Those share purchases do two things.

First, it provides consistent buying of the stock in the market. This helps prop up the share price because Apple is always ready and willing to buy more shares using its cash

Second, it helps boost the company’s earnings per share. EPS is a key metric that’s watched by investors. Reducing the number of shares will increase the EPS – even if the net income is unchanged.

Let’s look at Apple’s financial results for the last quarter – ending Dec. 31.

  • 7.7% increase in revenues
  • 11.4% increase in net income
  • 19.7% increase in EPS

It’s normal that a company’s profits grow faster than the revenues.

Yet the only way EPS grows faster than net income is because the number of shares has decreased.

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