Accumulate Shares of This Cash King

Thanksgiving is getting closer, but with the recent market volatility many investors may hold back by praising the market with "thanks." And who could blame them.

The market has stunk this year. And SPX is at nearly the same price as it was in January, but only after it recovered from a collapse of 20% in August.

Despite the fall in stock prices, the price we pay for food, gasoline and electricity continues to skyrocket. Yet the price of most residential home properties has declined.

Big and well known mutual funds have also declined in value this year. And even the market savvy John Paulson has lost money investing.

Clearly, for most investors the market is not in a giving mood.

But there is one stock that you will be thankful for in a few years if you buy it soon.

It’s not gold or silver related. And it’s not a wild and crazy new technology stock either.

This company is 150 years old, pays you 3.3% each year and some of its products will likely be at your Thanksgiving table on Thursday night.

What is this amazing American consumer good stock? And at what price should you accumulate shares of this profitable high yielder?

This video takes you through the chart of one of Jason’s favorite long term stocks to own. And Jason will also provide you with the best strategy for accumulating shares.


Jason Cimpl
Editor, TradeMaster Daily Stock Alerts
Washington, DC

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