Best Stocks to Own Forever: Free Special Report Now Available

Everyone knows that 2011 was a year marked by volatility, though the markets had little to show for their ups and downs throughout the year. The Dow added a little, small caps fell back a bit, and the S&P 500 closed the year unchanged.

Everyone also knows that 2012 has started out on a very strong note.  The Dow is low man with a gain of just 5% for the year, while the S&P 500 has added more than 7%.  The big winners so far have been the small caps (up 11%) and the Nasdaq – up 13% thanks in large part to Apple’s (Nasdaq:AAPL) meteoric rise.

So will the run continue?  After all, recent economic data is pointing toward a stronger U.S economy.  And the employment picture brightened considerably in January.

But there are clouds as well – mostly coming from Europe, where encouraging news is laced with fears of waiting for the other shoe to drop.  And on our shores, the continued depression in housing, concerns about the increasing deficit, and political wrangling that produces little progress are keeping investors cautious.

It’s an uneasy feeling.

That’s why I created my latest special report – Top 10 Forever Stocks for Creating Wealth.  My goal with this report it to take away some of that uncertainty by giving you stocks that I feel will be market leaders for many years to come.

I’m not looking to give you the hottest stock for the coming month or even the coming year.  Those are great for investors who want to closely manage their portfolios.

Instead, I researched stocks that I expect will be leaders in strong sectors over the long haul.  And, to keep you well diversified, I chose companies across unrelated industries, including healthcare, technology, financials, and energy.  

As an added bonus, several of these stocks pay healthy dividends.  That’s important amid today’s low-interest environment that the Fed tells us will last for at least a couple more years.

And best of all, I want all readers to have access to this new report – absolutely free.  Just click here now to download the report.

I want you to see the quality of the analysis we conduct here at Wyatt Investment Research.  And I want you to have the peace of mind knowing that these are stocks "built to last" regardless of market conditions.

Let me tell you a little about what you’ll see in this free special report. You’ll get 10 specific stock ideas that I expect will outperform the market in years to come.  When you download the report, you’ll read about:

  • A pharmaceutical company that is cashing in on generic drugs.
  • A consumer goods company that has smoked the competition over the past three years and shows no signs of slowing down.
  • A miner that’s cornering the world’s uranium supply.
  • A well-diversified agriculture and food company that many have never heard of.
  • A tech company that supplies many of the processors for all varieties of mobile devices.

Although all of the stocks in this report are intended to be long-term holdings, most are participating in the market’s early-year strength.  Because I don’t want you to miss out on these ongoing gains, I urge you to download your copy of this report now. All you need to do is click here now to get the report so you can rest easier about your portfolio … starting today.

I trust you’ll benefit from these great investment ideas. I wish you all the best for a prosperous 2012 and beyond.

Ian Wyatt
Editor, Daily Profit
Richmond, Vermont

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