Inauguration Week Starts Now

Good morning! Tomorrow, I’ll be taking the kids to our local Vermont mountain for a day of skiing.NEW.YEAR.2017.png
But today, I’m heading into my home office to get ready for my Profit Roadmap 2017 presentation.
On Jan. 20, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. Big changes will be happening in Washington, D.C., and it could impact taxes, government spending, the economy and YOUR PORTFOLIO.
That’s why I’m hosting an exclusive event this week. And I’d like to invite you to be my guest.
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My research and trading team   ̶   including Andy Crowder, Steve Mauzy and Moby Waller   ̶   have been pulling together their very TOP ideas for trading in 2017. And we’re ready to share them with you.
Invite: Collect Big Income from FANG Stocks in 2017
Facebook, Apple, Netflix and Google: These are some of the fastest-moving stocks . . . and biggest profits situations. This upcoming income event will show you how to earn income starting now. RSVP now ̶ it’s 100% free.
Top Dividend Growth Stocks to Buy Now
These five stocks just raised their dividend payouts. And that makes them great stocks for earning more income in 2017.
Download: The 2017 Dividend Calendar
The coming year is going to be a blockbuster year for income investors! Get immediate access to the very best income plays for 2017. Click here to grab the next payout.
Auto Stocks to BUY for 2017
Sales of autos are at an all-time high. And that makes now an outstanding time to buy these top three auto stocks. Spoiler Alert: None are the big automakers.
Exclusive Video: Top 3 Sectors to Buy Now
ONLY available for Daily Profit readers, I’m posting link for just 24 hours to access this presentation. It reveals Moby Waller’s top three ETF trades to make today.
Are YOU Making This Common Portfolio Mistake?
Most investors get diversification 100% wrong. They think diversifying your portfolio is as simple as “set it and forget it.”
Profit Roadmap 2017: Cash in on the NEW Bull Market
The Donald Trump Bull Market is underway . . . and this is just the start. Discover HOW to trade the market in 2017 with top sectors . . . specific recommendations . . . and instant income trades, all in the Profit Roadmap.  Click here for immediate access.
Access Steve’s Top 3 Income Tools
Use these three amazing tools to manage your income, growth your wealth, and beat the market in 2017. Right now, you can get complete access.
Commodity Trading 2017: What You Need to Know
In a complete turnaround from a terrible 2015, commodities in 2016 enjoyed their best yearly gain since 2010. The rebound was led by industrial metals – thank you Donald Trump – with iron ore and zinc among the biggest gainers.
The BEST U.K. Dividend Stocks (Undervalued)
Discover my top 3 U.K. stocks for 3% to 6% dividend stocks. These European companies have underperformed their U.S. counterparts, making them very attractive at this level.
Remember: grab the 2017 Dividend Calendar right now. You will NOT be disappointed.
This is our very best and most popular research. I’d like to get it into your hands right now.
Have a great weekend.
Ian Wyatt
Richmond, Vermont

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