Is All Right in the World Again?

We’ve seen this play before. European debt issues
drive the stock market lower. Then, the inevitable bailout promises from
the EU sparks a big rally for the stock market.

As usual, underpinning the action in the stock is
currency valuations. Debt issues drive the euro lower, and the dollar
higher. And we know that stock prices, and commodity prices, sell off
when the dollar rallies.

So now that Europe is poised to send
Ireland a lifeline, can
we conclude that all is right in the world again?

Of course, that depends on what your definition of
“right” is.

If you feel the Fed’s actions to jumpstart the
economy are appropriate, then yes, we are probably returning to the
familiar falling-dollar-rising-stock price dynamic.

If, on the other hand, you believe runaway inflation
is right around the corner and that the Fed is recklessly expanding its
mandate to maintain price stability, then you probably have misgivings
about the current investment environment.

Unfortunately, that probably also means you’ve
missed the profits from the money-making environment the Fed is
attempting to foster.

The old expression “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” might be
appropriate here. I believe it’s never wise to let personal bias get in
the way of profitable investing. I prefer to get in tune with the
market’s action, and take the profit opportunities that are

For instance, on a personal level, don’t see why
gold should be a more attractive store of value than stock in a great
small oil exploration company, or a fertilizer stock that is addressing
the global need for food.

Still, the story (and the profits) for gold are
undeniable, and so I have exposure to gold in my $100K
. And for the record, my readers and I
also have 24% gains from that small oil E&P I mentioned.

The point is, an investor must buy what’s working.
I’ve found that personal bias is usually more of a hindrance than
anything else. Some investors missed some phenomenal profit opportunities
during the Internet bubble. Some investors bet against oil on its run to
$147 a barrel. Plenty of investors were too skeptical of the rally off
the March 2009 lows to participate.

And I’m sure there are investors out there betting
against gold and stock prices right now.

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