I’ve Answered Your Questions

In spite of being the last week of August, it’s been a hectic time here at Wyatt Investment Research. That’s because of the overwhelming and positive response we received to our latest income investing presentation.

As an Income & Prosperity reader, I’m sure you’ve already heard about it.  Last week Ian and I presented a live investing seminar: 60-Second Dividends: Instant Income from Blue Chip Stocks. In this one-house presentation, we shared a unique strategy for earning 2x, 3x, and even 4x the investment income from America’s biggest and safest companies.

During our live Question & Answer session, we were flooded with questions. Since I didn’t have time to take all the questions live, I want to use this issue to answer the most commonly asked questions. Whether you attended the event or not, I know you’ll benefit from the information I’m going to share today.

Can you use covered calls in a retirement account?” – Pat E.

This was a question that was frequently asked throughout the conference. The answer is…yes. Almost all online brokers allow covered calls in retirement accounts. But what is more noteworthy is the fact that covered calls are the ONLY options-based strategy allowed in retirement accounts. I think that speaks volumes for this income investing strategy. After all, only the most conservative and simple the strategies are allowed in retirement accounts

Are you buying shares on margin?” – Stephen S.

With our covered call strategy, we are not buying anything on margin. Again, this is a conservative strategy using shareholder-friendly, blue-chip stocks.

Our goal is to double the dividend by earning extra income from covered call transactions. However, doubling the dividend is just the start. As we’ve shown, it’s possible to earn even 3x and 4x the dividend by properly implementing this low-risk strategy.

“How much time is required to make this strategy work?  How many hours per month?” – Jim O.

We get this question all the time. That’s because most people assume that a strategy like this will be extremely time consuming, and tie them to a computer all day.

This was one of the reasons we did this presentation: because we wanted to show just how easy and quick it is to use the High Yield Trader strategy. If you read the special reports and follow along with our two or three issues each month, than you shouldn’t have to spend more than a few minutes making the necessary transactions each month. We give you explicit directions, and all you have to do is decide our investments fit your income needs.

“What is your win-loss ratio?” Richard V.

So far we have been fortunate enough to have 100% winning record. That means that 20 of our 20 recommendations have turned a profit. We have been able to bring in premium on each and every trade we make. Remember, it’s not necessarily about the win-loss ratio. It’s about income. As long as you are bringing in more income after all is said and done…it’s worth the effort. Again, we are just using our ownership of blue-chip stocks as a foundation for bringing in income on a consistent basis by selling calls.

“I’ve never done a covered call. How do you find the strike price?” Bob T.

Finding the Strike Price is fairly easy, although I really don’t have enough space to provide a full response in this issue.

While I don’t have time to get into the details, our special report titled Double Your Dividends with Stocks You Already Own provides all the details. Inside the report, we share detail about exactly how to choose the strike price for each and every investment.

If you’re considering this covered call strategy, you can claim a copy of this report (and four additional bonus reports) when you start a no-risk membership. Just click here to start your trial, and immediately download your free special reports.

“What is the downside?” Dave T.

The downside? Hmm. This is another question we often receive regarding the High Yield Trader strategy.

The only so-called downside is that the stock you purchased gets called away. But remember, we are using blue-chip stocks with low volatility – so this is a rare occurrence.

Furthermore, we’re using a formula to choose strikes that are far enough out-of-the-money to make a nice income without transaction costs eating away a significant portion of our profits. So rarely does a stock get called away.

And if it does…we accept that because we get to lock in the capital gains from the stock while still collecting the extra income. In fact, in most cases we recommend buying back the stock and starting the process of selling calls all over again.

Remember, the blue-chip stocks we own are what allow us the ability to sell calls and earn extra income. That’s what this strategy is about…long-term income on a consistent, reliable basis.

I hope this answered a few of the questions some of you had regarding our High Yield Trader strategy.

Again – I invite you to test-drive the High Yield Trader service today. You can enroll today, and use the service absolutely risk-free for 30 days. If for any reason you’re not happy, just cancel in the first month and we’ll send you a 100% refund – no questions asked.

Plus, you’ll immediately receive four special reports that will teach you all the secrets of this income investing strategy.  Even if you cancel your trial membership, the reports are yours to keep. Just click here now to accept my invitation.


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