Lose Money in Late 2018? Read This ASAP

WARNING!market crash
You have just entered the WORST TIME for the stock market.
Proceed with caution.
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You’ve probably heard of “Sell in May and go away.”
The Wall Street adage has lived up to its name.
Just look at the monthly performance of the S&P 500 over the past 40 years. It’s easy to see that we’re now entering the WORST period for the stock market.
With the U.S. and China Trade Wars heating up… economic growth slowing . . .  and a poor earnings season . . . a stock market crash could be underway.
market crash
But none of that really matters if you are using the Bloodbath Trading System (click here).
And fear in the market is more than welcome for those of us who use high-probability strategies.
For example, when most investors were losing money during the last three months of 2018 when the S&P 500 pushed 20% lower, my subscribers were making money . . . to the tune of 147.3%. Our win rate during that time frame was 80%.
So, yes, the return of volatility that has me extremely excited.
Thanks, trade war.
Now we are in a position to once again take advantage of a market that is displaying bouts of fear.
The latest pullback has allowed us to lock in just over 70% in gains . . . and I fully expect more to come as we enter the most difficult six months for the market.
But the true lesson here is diversification. I’m not talking about the kind of diversification most investors employ. Most investors buy a basket of stocks or ETFs and think they are diversified. Yet, when the market experiences a decline, returns quickly vanish.
It’s 2019. The archaic ways of the past are no longer found to be the best way to diversify. The best way to diversify is by using a variety of strategies . . . strategies that take advantage of different market scenarios, bull, bear or neutral. Proper diversification allows you to make money in any type of market. I continue to be astonished by the lack of true diversification of most investors.
But we also have to be realists.
We must understand that markets move in cycles and we are nearing the end of the longest bull cycle in market history. We must also understand that we have experienced tremendous gains since the lows established back in 2009.
So, the question is this: Why would you jeopardize those hard-earned gains by continuing to use the same old techniques of diversification?
If you experienced losses during the last three months of 2018, then you need to ask yourself why you let that happen. You need to ask: How can I avoid losses when another downturn occurs? What can I do ahead of the next market crash?
The answer is simple.
Incorporate additional strategies to the mix. Again, use strategies that take advantage of various market scenarios.
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