One Technology Will Change Banking Forever

“I think we’re going through an evolution in finance right now that we haven’t seen since 1500s Venice” [when modern systems of credit were developed].
           – Vikram Pandit, former CEO of Citibank
One of the biggest changes to the financial sector is currently underway…and you’re likely missing out.
This transition is likely to be more important to the financial industry than the credit card in the 1960s or online banking in the 1990s.  These recent innovations – and others including the debit card and ATMs – have brought bigger and bigger profits to banks.
However, the latest innovation to the financial sector has the potential to disrupt the very fabric of the industry.
The business of banking is supposed to be simple. Banks provide customers a safe place to store their money.  The banks then take the cash, and lend it out to other customers who want to borrow money. It should be a nice little business – borrow money at 3%, loan it at 6%, and earn a nice profit margin.
Of course, the business of banking has changed dramatically over the last century. The dissolution of the Glass Steagall Act in the 1990s allowed commercial banks to expand into new areas like investment banking. Ever since, we’ve experienced an unhealthy trend towards risky and exotic banking techniques designed to juice short-term profits.
While those new growth opportunities can be quite profitable, the core, reliable business of banking requires a healthy stream of deposits and loans.
But a single new technological advancement puts at risk the trillions of dollars of bank deposits. And it could destabilize the financial sector and change the way in which every American banks.
I’m excited to share this opportunity with you for one simple reason: whenever I see a huge industry undergo a transformation, I know there are investment opportunities. There are both hazardous investments to avoid, and new profit opportunities to exploit.
Just think of the technological transformations that have happened in recent years… the advent of the Internet, the death of the newspaper, the end of cable TV, the electric car, and the natural gas shale boom. These are just a few of the big technological advancements that continue to change the world.
Today, you have an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the biggest change to the financial sector. Let me explain…
A new financial system is springing up. It allows consumers access to capital and loans at a time when most banks aren’t lending. And it lets astute and “in the know” investors to earn an extremely healthy yield of 6 – 12% per year.
It’s this powerful idea – democratizing the financial sector – that has sparked the interest from some very bright investors.
Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) recently made an equity investment of more than $60 million in one of the up and coming companies. Google has dramatically improved the Internet in the last 15 years through search, maps, and mail.  Now the company wants to influence change the financial sector.
And Google isn’t the only one betting on big changes in the banking business.  Vikram Pandit – the former CEO of Citigroup (NYSE: C) – is expecting big changes in the banking sector. He recently participated in a $100 million financing for another early stage company in this exciting sector.
But this profit opportunity isn’t limited to venture capitalists and former banking industry execs. As I’ve discovered, there is a simple way for individuals to begin earning income from this disruptive force in the financial sector.
I want to share all the details with you.  I’ve spent the last several months digging into this unique income investment opportunity.  And I’ve discovered how investors like you and me can collect yields of 6 – 12% per year by eliminating the bank. It’s as easy as opening a brokerage account, and is accessible with just a small initial investment.
I want to send you all the details on this game changing income investment opportunity. My special report titled The Banker’s Secret provides all of the details, and shows you just how easy it is to profit from the evolution of banking and earn a healthy income along the way.

Why did Google just invest $60 million in this alternative bank?

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