Warning: September Correction?

Good morning and happy Saturday!
The stock market has been “coasting” – trading within striking distance of all-time highs. But don’t get complacent – a correction could be imminent.
September and October are historically the most volatile months for stocks. That’s why I’m hosting a timely and exclusive event next week.
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Now – I have NO way of knowing when exactly stocks will drop. But there are plenty of reasons that could send stocks into a tailspin.
These big risks include the sustainability of the EU after the Brexit vote, slowing growth in China, the Fed’s plan to increase interest rates before the end of 2016, and the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election.
Any of these known risks has the potential to send stocks back into correction territory. And even without a major negative event, a considerable pullback is quite possible.
That’s why we’ve put together another amazing and live event for Wyatt Research readers. On Tuesday, Andy and I will show you how to protect your wealth – and earn income – even if stocks drop.
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Live Event: Collect $247 Income in September – Even if Stocks Drop
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Richmond, Vermont

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