Uber IPO: Strike It Rich by Investing With Shark Tank

Are you ready to strike it rich by investing with Shark Tank?shark tank uber IPO
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Mark Cuban has already made a $3.4 billion fortune, according to Forbes.
Meanwhile, Chris Sacca has more than $1 billion dollars in the bank.
Even after making a fortune, these Shark Tank investors are investing in the next big thing.
One of those investments is Uber, a ridesharing service that could kill the entire taxicab business.
Reuters reports that Uber is worth $70 BILLION DOLLARS.
When it goes public in an Initial Public Offering – or IPO – the price could be even higher!
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Facebook IPO investors have pocketed a cool 294% profit in five years.
But that’s nothing compared to Facebook PRE-IPO investors who were able to turn $10k into more than $1 million!
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