Wyatt Research Week-In-Review: Nov. 10-14

On the heels of midterm elections and with a couple weeks left until Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season, things were relatively quiet on Wall Street this week.
Stocks inched up a few ticks. The move was far from spectacular. But with the S&P 500 already entering the week at all-time highs, the market didn’t need spectacular to keep moving the needle forward. With the holidays right around the corner, bigger gains could be just a few weeks away. I know that’s hard to fathom given that stocks are already in record territory.
While Wall Street took a breather, that gave us plenty of time to contemplate big-picture issues impacting the market.
Is Barack Obama the hero of net neutrality? Why are investors suddenly flocking to dividend stocks? Are the Chinese taking over the U.S. housing market?
Those were a few of the macro questions our analysts asked – and answered.
Here’s what else was on our minds at Wyatt Investment Research as we gear up for the holiday season:
Home Depot Stocks Soars Above Security Woes– The credit card security breach at Home Depot (NYSE: HD) has become the biggest on record for any retailer. But you wouldn’t know it based on the stock’s performance.
Why Investors Are Flocking Back to Dividend StocksStocks have been on a furious run the last few weeks. And dividend stocks have led the charge. Here’s why that trend should continue.
Are the Chinese Taking Over U.S. Housing?Every homeowner in America knows that the housing market is bouncing back. Look no further than the 5.6% increase in home prices in the last year. But it may surprise you to learn that it isn’t the typical American that’s bidding up home prices.
Barack Obama: Hero of Net Neutrality?– Net neutrality needs a hero. And if that hero is President Obama then so be it.
Retire on One Stock-Our research team found a stock that pays dividends so big you can live off them. This cash-cranking company has hiked its dividend 10-FOLD… paying investors dividends of $428.57, $913.93, and $924.43!
Top Five Spinoffs Worth Owning TodaySpinoffs have a tendency to outperform the market. Here are five that are worth owning as we head into 2015.
Buy This Cloud-Computing Stock On the Next PullbackCloud computing is one of the fastest-growing industries in today’s market. And one stock in particular stands out.
Showing Up Is 80% of Investing SuccessTo book an investment return you have to invest and then remain invested.
Triple Your Dividends Using this Conservative Income StrategyThe time has come for the average investor – either wealthy or in the process of accumulating wealth – to consider using covered calls.
Three Ways the Midterm Elections Impact Investors– On a macro level, the impact of the midterm elections on Americans’ investing habits has already come and gone. However, its reverberations could be felt in certain specific sectors of the market for years to come.
VIDEO: Volatility Is the Next Bull Market– It was a strange October on Wall Street. Rarely has the market tumbled more than 6% and still finished in positive territory within the course of a month. That type of volatility can be scary to investors. As an options trader, that volatility is the next bull market.
Thanks for spending time with us this weekend. We look forward to helping you get ever closer to your investment goals next week.

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