VIDEO: How to Make a Consistent 15% Every Six Weeks

Looking for a new stock trading strategy? Andy Crowder may have the solution: options.

Andy has been trading options for 15 years, including a stint on Wall Street. As editor of our Options Advantage trading service, Andy's win rate has been an amazing 86%, with individual gains of 45%, 47% and 97%.

Last Thursday, Andy hosted a live chat event titled, "How to Make a Consistent 15% Every Six Weeks." During the live chat Andy talked about one of his best options trading strategies: credit spreads. He also revealed two specific trades that were big winners for him in recent months. Over 300 of you tuned in.

For those of you who missed the chat, here is the recorded version of it in its entirety. The next live options chat is scheduled for Thursday, April 5. Stay tuned for updates on a specific time for the event.


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