Tips To Help You Achieve Big Market Gains

Tip #1: First you need to get on base. Then worry about getting home

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S&P 500 Finally Breaks Record High

Stocks’ seesaw ride continued today, following a slight down by climbing 0.4% – enough to push the benchmark S&P 500 to a new all-time high.

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Expect Stocks to Fall Today

The S&P 500 has alternated between up days and down days for six straight sessions. With stocks rising 0.8% yesterday, if recent form holds we should expect another down… Read more

Why Gold Might be the Best Asset in Today’s Market

Investors seem to be underestimating the degree of uncertainty in today's market — which is why gold is so underappreciated.

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Why That Perfect Time to Buy Might Be Now

Waiting for that “perfect moment” often means investors miss out on owning a great company.

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What Sequestration? Stocks Soar to All-Time High

So much for the theory that sequestration would scare investors off. On the contrary, stocks soared to an all-time high today.

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How To Invest After The State of The Union Address

During Tuesday night's State of the Union address President Obama spoke at great lengths about how government can make life better for Americans.

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The Most Important Game You’ll Play as an Investor

Who is the better options trader?

A.    Two Nobel Prize winning economists who founded the very model that options pricing is based on. Or… 

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