Marijuana Midterms Spark 445% Pot Stock Profits

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Honestly, much of the last year has focused on Canadian cannabis.
While I’m excited that our neighbors to the north have legalized marijuana . . .
The country is small with just 36.7 million people. And according to Deloitte Research, that limits the potential cannabis market to $8.7 billion.
That’s a drop in the bucket . . .
Compared with the $100 billion market in the U.S. and potential pot stock profits.

Newsweek reports that legalization is sweeping across America. And you can see it in this map.
pot stock profits
The United States has nearly 10 times the population of Canada. And that makes it much more important . . . and more profitable for investors.
Canada got a jump start by being the first developed country to legalize cannabis.
But U.S. companies will ultimately dominate this entire sector. And that’s why “smart money” investors are turning their attention to the U.S. for pot stock profits.
Cannabis represents a potential $100 billion market – just check out this chart:
pot stock profits
In just four days, voters in Michigan, Missouri, North Dakota and Utah will vote to legalize cannabis.
Approval in any single state could spark a new bull market . . .
Especially in Michigan – the No. 2 state for medical marijuana.
Expansion of legal weed in four new states is very important. That’s because it sets the stage for nationwide legalization in year 2020 – according to Ackrell Capital.
I’m expecting a “Green Wave” on Nov. 6 . . .  and that’s why I’m loading up on these “pot stocks.”
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