Act Now to Collect $3,107 in ‘Liberty Checks’

Many investors have already acted.liberty vouchers
These investors acted to exploit an opportunity that’s frequently a bolt from the blue: They bought the “liberty vouchers” of companies that declared “liberty checks.”
Four such bolts lit the sky over the past week. Investors, most of modest means, secured liberty checks totaling $3,107 (or more).
The income yields on offer from these four bolts ranged from 4.7% to 13.3%.
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The first opportunity occurred when a small-cap, cash-gushing workers’ comp insurer declared that it would pay $72 million in liberty checks. Own a liberty voucher, collect a $3.72 liberty check.
Many investors have secured liberty checks totaling $601 from this insurer.
The first opportunity was quickly followed by a second.
A leading industrial pump manufacturer declared $2.135 in liberty checks for each liberty voucher owned. With only a modest investment, $703 in liberty checks were secured.
Liberty-voucher owners were offered an additional bonus.
Their liberty vouchers confer ownership in a dividend king. This industrial pump manufacturer boasts 46 consecutive years of annual dividend increases. The liberty vouchers entitle their owners to these dividends.
The liberty-check declarations continued to arrive in a hurry.
No sooner had the industrial pump manufactured declared its liberty checks when an asset-management company declared its liberty checks.
The asset-management company declared an $8 liberty check on each of its liberty vouchers. This was the 11th consecutive year the asset manager has declared liberty checks. Many new owners of its liberty vouchers secured liberty checks totaling $472.
Long-term owners have secured much more. Long-term owners of this asset-management company’s liberty vouchers have collected liberty checks exceeding $5,000.
The most recent liberty-check opportunity – the fourth opportunity – occurred only yesterday.
A large forest-products company declared that it would pay $135 million in liberty checks – its first liberty-check payment.
With the same modest amount invested in the previous three liberty vouchers, owners of this company’s liberty vouchers will collect $1,331 in liberty checks.
The good news is that the opportunity still exists for you to act on all four liberty-check issuers. You can collect $2,811 in liberty checks by owning their liberty vouchers.
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I’ll show you how to buy liberty vouchers to collect high-yield liberty checks.
I’ve recommended 42 company-issued liberty vouchers since June 2016. The liberty checks issued on these liberty vouchers have generated income yields ranging from 4% to 41.2%.
The average yield has been 11.9%. That’s an income yield 6.5X the dividend yield on the S&P 500.
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The liberty vouchers of the companies I’ve recommended have generated total returns as high as 51%. I’m not talking years. I’m talking months, if not weeks.
You have the opportunity to immediately collect four high-yield liberty checks. You have the opportunity to trade these liberty vouchers for additional profit.
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