Barclays: Buy This Consumer Hardware Stock

According to Barclays…

There’s one stock in the consumer hardware market that could rise 19%: Logitech.

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Barclays said that Logitech is poised to be a long-term winner in consumer hardware.

They gave the company an overweight rating and a price target of $65.

If they’re right, this suggests the stock has more than 19% upside.

The problem?

You could wait MONTHS to see those potential returns (if any).

But if you decide to place these 5 trades…

You could make a 18.5% profit in 4hrs, just like one of my last trades did.

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  • $1,025 on MSFT
  • $525 on PG
  • $1,130 on IBM
  • $680 on AXP
  • $710 on MA
  • $1,100 on AAPL
  • $850 on SBUX
  • $735 on WMT
  • $780 on V
  • $1,130 on DIS
  • $815 on TXN
  • $1,060 on QCOM
  • $915 on CVS
  • $1,335 on EA
  • $1,830 on FB

These are actual model portfolio gains with a $5k investment per trade…

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