The Truth About October’s CPI Inflation

According to the talking heads – U.S. inflation “eased slightly last month.”

But not only is food and energy rising to ridiculous levels… it’s also not included in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) equation.

So the truth is inflation is STILL killing the pockets of Americans.

That’s why, as a way to help folks beat inflation this year…

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The CPI in October showed a 7.7% increase over last year and a 0.4% increase over the previous month.

It’s slightly lower than what economists expected…

But if it’s still over 7%… it is still a monster number and hurting the US citizen.

So the mainstream media can spin it any way they want but…

Utility bills are up…

Food and energy are up…

And prices are still through the roof.

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I urge to at least get all the facts about it and make an informed decision afterwards.

Considering that we’re seeing “hidden inflation” too (with food companies making the packages smaller and sometimes STILL raising the price)…

And that we’re seeing price bumps of 10%… 15%… 20%…

I truly think it’s a safe and smart way to at least keep those price hikes at bay.

Simply because, as I said before, this trading formula has a 5-year track record of delivering 80% winning trades that tend to range between 8.7% and 26.9%.

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Trade Wisely,

Jon Lewis

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