Investors Lose Big Time with These 12 Stocks

$5 trillion.

That’s how much shares of the 12 stocks with the largest market weights collectively lost this year.

It’s yet another reason why I always avoid being a market timer – which is betting that the market or a specific stock will rise or fall.

After all, nobody knows where a stock or the market will go…

But if you let this 10Q Formula guide your steps, you could win 80% of your trades.

In fact, that’s the win rate it has had for five years straight.

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Many S&P 500 ETF investors have seen how bad it can turn out when you bet that the market will go up.

It may happen… but it’s a 50% chance at best.

But what’s better than a 50% chance?

A rock-solid formula that gives you the power to increase that chance to 80%.

And this is exactly what this Formula 10Q has done since inception in October 2017.

Instead of betting that the market will go up or down…

It gives you the trades that literally give you an 80% chance of making a profit.

The result?

Well, it has piled up +600% cumulative profits.

And that’s because—with 80% winning trades—it’s much easier to come out on top (as opposed to being a market timer).

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As I said before…

This little-known trading formula has made a profit 80% of the time for the past five years…

So it’s completely realistic for you to have the same result with the next 5 trades that I’m sharing – potentially making 3-hour gains just like these:

  • $1,025 on MSFT
  • $525 on PG
  • $1,130 on IBM
  • $680 on AXP
  • $710 on MA
  • $1,100 on AAPL
  • $850 on SBUX
  • $735 on WMT
  • $780 on V
  • $1,130 on DIS
  • $815 on TXN
  • $1,060 on QCOM
  • $915 on CVS
  • $1,335 on EA
  • $1,830 on FB

These are actual model portfolio gains with a $5k investment per trade…

But you can also start small with $500 or $1,000 if you want.

Either way, its 5-year track record of 80% winning trades is there.

So no matter how much you decide to invest…

Your chances of making fast profits are pretty big.

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Trade Wisely,

Jon Lewis

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