Grab a Quick $925 Overnight

Overnight Money
Overnight Money

Frankly, most folks have never heard of “Overnight Trading”.

It’s one of those things that’s so simple – and profitable – it’s almost shocking.

Starting with just $5k invested per trade… you could now be sitting on $40,950.

With these quick 3-hour trades.

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Here’s another thing you’ll love about these Overnight Trades: they could reduce your overall market risk by around 80%. That’s because most of the time, you’re sitting in CASH.

You’ll definitely want to see this before the next trade. Today, Jon Lewis sat down with me to reveal important details.

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IAN: When people hear “overnight trading,” they probably think of day trading. Is this similar?

JON: Not at all!

Day trading is all about using technical analysis – essentially stock charts – to predict the next move for a stock. It’s about intra-day trading – trying to earn 1/8 point here… and ¼ point there.

Today, high frequency trading firms make it nearly impossible for a regular investor. Plus, you’d have to have $500k in the bank to make this worthwhile.

Overnight trading is completely different.

IAN: How’s that?

JON: To get started, you only need $500 or $1,000 to get started. And with $5,000, you could become incredibly successful.

Instead of sitting at a computer from 9am – 4pm – trading during market hours…

You’ll just trade during the very start and end of the trading day.

Plus, there will be lots of weeks when you won’t need to make a single trade. That could give you lots of freedom to do the things you love – whether it’s time with your kids or grandkids. Going on vacation with your spouse. Or having more time playing golf with your friends.

IAN: Tell me about WHEN you like to make these Overnight Trades?

JON: Sure. It has everything to do with corporate earnings. As you know, publicly traded companies report their financial results every 3-months.

Trading around these earnings reports is the very BEST TIME to make these trades.

That’s because during “earnings season,” stock prices can be pretty volatile. If a company beats earnings, the stock goes up. If it misses earnings, the stock price falls.

But here’s the thing…

Most folks try to predict what a company’s results will be. In fact, this is the primary job of an entire profession of Wall Street “Research Analysts.”

It’s a fool’s errand. So, I don’t play that game.

Instead of trying to predict earnings results… I do something entirely different.

IAN: So, how does this work?

JON: Basically, I look for big stocks that make headlines when they report earnings.

Just a few minutes before a company reports earnings, I enter a trade.

This is what I recently did with Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO). We entered a trade just before the earnings announcement. We closed it out the next day for a 18.5% profit … You could have made $925 on a $5,000 investment in just 3 hours!

Just to be 100% clear, I don’t care WHAT is inside that earnings report… or whether the company grew or lost money.

It really doesn’t matter.

Frankly, I don’t even care what company it is. It makes ZERO difference.

I basically enter a trade right before earnings… And then close it out the next morning.

So, I’m invested in the trade for VERY little time.

It’s working really well right now: 13 of the past 15 trades have been profitable.

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IAN: Great! I know folks are going to LOVE this training.

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