The Adoption of EVs Just Got a Serious Boost


Tesla made new overnight price cuts on new models in the US and Europe.

This could be a massive “chess move” of Musk’s new plan for the company.

Not only because cheaper prices could boost EV adoption…

But because it will put a LOT of pressure on all big automakers too.

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According to a Tesla spokesperson in Germany…

The price drops are due to “a partial normalization of cost inflation.”

Not sure if everyone is buying those words though.

After all, Tesla has been incrementing price increases for TWO straight years…

Probably not only because of inflation but because the demand was there.

But now that Tesla needs to increase demand to match its new production capacity…

it seems that they’re now cutting prices because they have to.

Nonetheless, this is FANTASTIC news for the future of EVs.

One of the main problems of EV adoption was their exorbitant price.

And now that changed overnight.

These new price cuts could seriously boost the adoption of EVs.

Moreover, other big automakers will feel the pressure and maybe follow suit.

This will make their efforts to catch up with Tesla’s dominance even harder.

And in my view, those efforts are already lost because that dominance will only become stronger after Elon Musk rolls out Master Plan 3.0…

Something he’s already been successful at TWICE with Master Plans 1 & 2.

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