REVEALED – My #1 Recession Trade

Frankly, most folks have never heard of this “recession trade.”

Yet it’s so simple and profitable – even when the market is dropping like a rock.

That’s why our last 5 trades made a profit between 2.9% and 22%…

… thanks to this safe, 4-hour trade.

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Consider this…

Or trade here and make more money?

The answer is obvious.

But why do these 4 little-known trading windows give you the power to start turning a profit on 79% of your trades?

Well, this is a very rare window that every single stock has.

And if you know how to take advantage of it…

Your chances of making a profit in 4 out of every 5 of your trades shoot up through the roof, as our last 5 trades prove.

They made profits of 15.7%2.9%18.9%10.5%19.1%… and 22%

In just 4 hours…

With maximum safety.

That’s enough to turn a $5k trade into profits of $785… $145… $944… $525… $1,100… and $955 in the current market environment.

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Here’s the thing.

Instead of trying to predict whether the market or a stock will go up or down…

I do something entirely different.

I simply enter a trade during this extremely timely trading window… and then close it out in 3 or 4 hours.

This gives me the power to make a profit no matter what the market does.

And without doing anything risky like shorting stocks or buying put options.

But most importantly…

It also works extremely well when the market is in free fall.

For example, remember the Covid meltdown of March 2020?

It was the most volatile quarter in stock market history – yet this trading window led us to win 100% of all our trades during the quarter.

It’s also working really well right now.

That’s why we’ve also won 100% of our last 5 trades…

Making it—without a doubt—my #1 recession trade.

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Trade Wisely,

Jon Lewis

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