Top 2 Stocks According to Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) just said…

That investors should start looking for defensive plays that will protect them when the markets shift downward again.

Let’s discuss their top two plays for that…

As well as why could make at least TWICE their return in less than 3 hours with a low-risk Overnight Trade.

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The outlook for 2023 is a mixed bag on Wall Street.

Some say a recession is likely during the first half of the year…

Others disagree…

Others talk about a rebound that will come in the second half.

But Morgan Stanley’s chief US equity strategist says that:

“Both the sell and buy side are now closely aligned with the view of a tough first half due to the high risk of a mild recession, followed by a nice recovery in 2H… Our concern is that most are assuming ‘everyone is bearish’ and, therefore, the price downside in a recession is also likely to be mild (SPX 3,500-3,600). On this score, the surprise might be how much lower stocks could trade (3,000) if a recession arrives.”

That’s why in his view dividend stocks could be a solid choice for you in 2023.

They offer you steady payouts whether the markets go up or down.

And his top two plays for that are Energy Transfer LP (NYSE: ET) and Western Midstream Partners (NYSE: WES)

Both offering you a yield of 8.2% and 7.05% respectively at the current rate.

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See, I don’t care about market risk.

Or inflation.

Or the Fed’s next step.

And I don’t care because this low-risk, 3-hour trade doesn’t put my money in the market long enough for these things to matter.

I frankly couldn’t care less where the market goes… if stocks go up or down… what the talking heads say will happen next.

None of those things matter to Overnight Traders.

Simply because we use one simple indicator to increase our odds of making big profits all throughout the year… with maximum safety… no matter WHAT happens in the market.

And the results speak for themselves…

This simple strategy has made a cumulative gain of 719% for the past 5 years.

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