Take the Stress Out of Earnings Season

Earnings season can be a stressful time.earnings season
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Companies are trying to make sure they measure up every three months, and investors are trying to predict which ones won’t rise to the occasion. You don’t want to be the one holding a stock that doesn’t meet expectations, and it always feels like you’re the ONLY one left holding the bag if you are.
That’s been especially true over the past few quarters, when Wall Street analysts have consistently predicted an earnings recession.
No. Not an actual, full-blown recession.
An earnings recession.
That’s when overall earnings decline for two straight quarters. That last time that happened was the second quarter of 2016.
Right now, the Wall Street consensus estimate is that S&P 500 earnings dropped 4.2% in the third quarter. They’ve been predicting that for the past three quarters.
But S&P 500 earnings grew 2% in the second quarter year-over-year. They were up 16.4% in the first quarter. They were up 20.5% in the final quarter of last year.
I think that’s a big reason why stocks have been so volatile over the past few months.
From record-setting dives to new all-time highs, stocks have been taking some wild swings. I think it’s all because no one wants to be left holding the bag if the analysts are finally right . . . though, at this point, your guess about earnings is as good as theirs.
The thing is, you really don’t have to worry about a recession, an “actual” recession or an earnings recession.
In fact, earnings season doesn’t have to be stressful for you at all.
With our Overnight Trading System, you don’t have to even try to predict which way earnings will break. That is because you’re usually only exposed to a stock overnight. During the last earnings season back in September, there was an overnight trade on Walmart (WMT).
In less than 24 hours, Overnight Trader locked in a 22.7% profit. If you’d invested $5,000 in the trade, you would have made $1,135.
There have been more than 70 overnight trades over the past few earnings seasons. I can’t tell you they’ve all been moneymakers, but 78% of our overnight trades have been winners so far. So, if you spread your bets across all the overnight trades – and there are usually at least a few a week during peak season – you can grow the value of your portfolio exponentially.
One night at a time.
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Here’s to Profits,
Ben Shepherd

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