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Stocks are down. Volatility is up.volatility
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As recession fears have skyrocketed, U.S. stocks spent two days in a tailspin this week.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average dived more than 500 points between Tuesday and Wednesday, while the S&P 500 lost more than 100 points. That’s the worst start to a quarter since the final months of 2008, when the Great Recession was really setting in.
It’s no wonder folks are worried.
U.S. manufacturing activity has hit a 10-year low thanks to the ongoing trade war, while the services sector hit a three-year low in September.
There have really only been two bits of good news over the past few months.
One is that the labor market is strong, but that’s a lagging indicator. Companies generally don’t start laying off until business really slows down.
The other is that the Fed seems constantly poised to cut rates – again. With a meeting scheduled for later this month, investors are betting that there’s a nearly 80% chance of a quarter-point cut. The thing is, the federal funds target rate right now is only between 1.75% and 2%.
There just isn’t a lot of room for rates to drop, especially if we do end up in a full-blown recession.
So, one of these days, the bad news is going to blow up the market.
This isn’t good news for buy-and-hold investors. The markets are getting antsy. They’re getting wise to the fact that one misstep, on the part of the Fed or Congress, could send things plunging.
That’s sent the stock market’s implied volatility (how much investors think a stock’s price will move, up or down, over a particular period of time) up.
Way up.
People are understandably scared.
That sent volatility up on everything from blue chips to startups, United Airlines (NASDAQ: UAL) to Snap (NYSE: SNAP) to Canopy Growth (NYSE: CGC).
Nobody wants to actually hold anything, but they think they have to.
The BAD news is actually GOOD.
I know a way to profit from that spike in volatility.
You don’t have to hold a stock long-term. And BAD news is actually GOOD news. All you need is a move in a stock, up or down, to lock in your profit.
You can lock in a profit to the tune of 20% or better, over just a matter of a couple of days, and it’s PREDICTABLE. Four times a year predictable.
It’s all about volatility.
You just need the move.
That means you can make money in up markets or down.
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