Illinois Could Legalize Weed Within 48 Hours

69% of Illinois state senators . . .
Just voted “YES” to recreational cannabis.
That means the “land of Lincoln” could soon become the eleventh U.S. state to fully legalize marijuana.
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It’s the latest expansion of the “green wave” that’s sweeping across America. Illinois is the six-largest U.S. state – with a population of 12.7 million people.
Approval is required before the legislative session ends on Friday.
Late last night the Illinois Senate voted 37-17 to approve the recreational adult-use of cannabis.
The bill would create Illinois cannabis market of tremendous size.
Passage of the bill would make Illinois the first state to legalize retail cannabis sales through a state legislature. All previous states have legalized cannabis through voter referendums.
The bill now goes to the Illinois House of Representatives. And they’re expected to approve the measure within 48-hours.
Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker is a proponent of legalization. And he encouraged the House to take “decisive action.”
Approval could create a new market worth over $2.6 billion!
Fortune magazine reports that legal cannabis in Illinois could be a huge business. And the magazine estimates that the Illinois cannabis market could be worth $1.7 – $2.6 billion.
Those estimates suggest that the Illinois cannabis market could be bigger than Colorado – which had sales of $1.5 billion last year.
Recreational cannabis is expanding very rapidly. And that’s encouraging new companies to enter the cannabis sector.
Most of these companies are currently privately held.
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