Amazon Vice President Resigns, Joins ‘The Next Tilray’

One Amazon vice president just resigned . . .
To become the CEO at a brand-new marijuana company.
He’s the latest technology executive to realize that cannabis is the next huge growth trend.
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During his 19 years at Amazon . . .
Tim Leslie served in a wide range of roles including Associate General Counsel, VP of International Legal . . .  and VP of Amazon Prime Video.
Leslie joined Amazon just two years after the company went public in an IPO. And you know this stock has been a top performer.
In fact, a small $1,000 investment in Amazon’s IPO would now be worth $1.1 million!
legal cannabis
Yet with shares trading at $1,704, Amazon’s upside looks more limited.
That’s why this Amazon executive is leaving the world’s No. 1 e-commerce company. And he’s getting into legal cannabis.
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This morning, Leafly announced that Tim Leslie is the company’s new CEO.
Leafly doesn’t grow marijuana in greenhouses. Nor does it sell the product through retail stores.
Instead, it’s a technology company that helps people find the right cannabis products. The company’s website and mobile app provide reviews and access to a wide range of cannabis products – including products with CBD and THC.
It’s similar to restaurant review website Yelp.
But instead of helping you find a coffee shop or restaurant, Leafly helps you find cannabis products.
Today, Leafly is a private company. And the hiring of Leslie could be a final step before an initial public offering.
In fact, Leafly is 100% owned by a cannabis private equity firm called Privateer Holdings.
Privateer famously founded Tilray (NASDAQ: TLRY) and took the company public in 2018. You’ll recall that Tilray shares went public at $17 – and rose to $300 within a few months.
Privateer Holdings owns 75% of Tilray’s publicly traded stock with a value of $5.5 billion. Plus, the company has a total of seven private companies in its portfolio.
Following the successful IPO of Tilray, Privateer may be looking to take Leafly public.
The addition of a world-class CEO could help that happen in 2019.
Leafly is one private pre-IPO situation that I’m watching right now. And you’ll be the first to know once this is an actionable opportunity.
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