The Other Catalyst

The S&P 500 got within a few points of resistance
yesterday. And it looks as though we will see some profit taking today. Both
oil and gold are lower in the pre-market.

Oil and gold are very sensitive to the U.S. dollar. These
assets rallied on speculation that the Fed was going to enter a new phase of
monetary easing that would push the U.S. dollar lower.

Of course, so far, the Fed hasn’t begun to act on its
promise to do more for the economy. It’s expected that the Fed will announce
something at its November 2-3 meeting. But what if it’s not enough? What if
they don’t announce any new stimulus?

Those are the questions that investors are grappling with,
and with good reason. Without knowing what the Fed’s specific plans are,
there’s no way to know if the upside from another round of quantitative
easing is priced in.

And let’s not forget, too, that the FOMC is not united on
the idea of quantitative easing. There are regional Fed presidents that
aren’t as gung-ho about more easing as Ben Bernanke.

There is another
catalyst for stock prices that’s taken a backseat while investors fixate on
the Fed. Third quarter earnings are underway.

You may recall that my colleague at Wyatt Investment
, Jason Cimpl, was expecting a good report from aluminum company
Alcoa (NYSE:AA) on Friday. And sure enough, Alcoa jumped 6% after it

Jason puts his analytical prowess to work recommending
profitable trades and market analysis for his TradeMaster Daily Stock

If you watch earnings, you know that stocks routinely make
big moves after earnings. So, after his accurate Alcoa call, I asked Jason if
he had any other stock he was watching during earnings season. I should have
known Jason wasn’t going to just list a couple ticker symbols…

Instead, Jason put together video chart analysis of
something like 15 companies that should make profitable moves when they
report this week. So if you want to get the early read on what GE (NYSE:GE),
Google (Nasdaq:GOOG),
CSX (NYSE:CSX) and Intel
INTC), then this
video is for you.

There’s no strings attached, this video
is Jason’s gift to you. Watch it at your leisure, but remember, Intel reports
this afternoon.

Of course, I’d like to hear your thoughts here: [email protected]

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