Enter the ‘Marijuana Time Machine’

How’d you like to jump into the “Marijuana Time Machine” . . . for Canadian cannabis stocks?
Set the clock for 2014 . . . and start buying up stakes in Canada’s best  emerging “pot stocks”?
Now’s your chance – click here now.
Go back five years, and you could buy these Canadian cannabis stocks:

  • Aurora Cannabis for $0.14 / share
  • Aphria for $0.75 / share
  • Canopy Growth for $1.80 / share

At those prices, these Canadian cannabis stocks were absolute bargains. And had you picked up these stocks . . .
Today you’d be sitting on live changing gains of 929%, 2,239% and 5,443%!
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Now, it’s impossible for us to go back to 2014 and BUY Canadian cannabis stocks . . .
But this is the “next best thing.”
Because a new international market for legal cannabis is opening up right now.
This market already has 30,000 medical marijuana patients enrolled in the program – generating $250 million in annual sales.
Plus, there are another 10,000 patients on a waitlist – because there isn’t enough cannabis available.
By Jan. 1, one country is expected to legalize the exportation of cannabis.
This will allow the country’s growers to export cannabis to potential markets including Germany, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Ireland and Portugal.
Here’s where you come in . . .
Today, there’s one undiscovered international cannabis company that’s getting ready to go public.
The company has licenses in place – and plans to build out 232,000 square feet of cannabis greenhouses. These farms will be capable of producing 23,500 kilograms of cannabis every single year.
Based upon a “market value” of $10 / gram, the production could be worth $235 million!
This new IPO is this country’s first cannabis company to go public in North America. And that makes it 100% available to YOU.
Now, you could wait for the stock to go public. And I’d expect shares to start trading around $1.50 to $2 per share.
Or you can BUY Pre-IPO shares right now . . .
For the bargain price of just $0.51 per share.
That’s right . . . a small $5,100 investment could hand you 10,000 shares of stock!
It’s your chance to jump into the “Marijuana Time Machine” and turn the clock back to 2014. I’m personally planning to invest in this pre-IPO – and figured you would want to get all the details too.
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