3 Incredible Tools to Maximize Your Dividend Income Wealth

To pick solid dividend-paying stocks is only half the job.
Managing your portfolio of dividend stocks is the other half.
We all want the best dividend stocks for our money. We want to efficiently manage our dividend stocks to meet our income needs.
Efficient management includes knowing the current yield on each stock. It includes knowing when to own a stock to collect an upcoming dividend and knowing when the dividend will be paid.
Astute investors know the amount of income they can expect to receive each month, each quarter, each year. What’s more, they know how to vet different allocation scenarios so that they can maximize their dividend income for specific months and for a specific investment budget.
We offer all the above at High Yield Wealth.
Investors will find a list of exceptional dividend-stock recommendations (33 as of this writing) backed by diligent research. They’ll find the tools to efficiently manage their dividend stocks and dividend income wealth to best meet their income needs.
I’ll demonstrate by example with one of our current recommendations: Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO). The following table illustrates Cisco Systems standing within our recommendation list.
dividend income wealthA glance at the table reveals Cisco’s ticker symbol, its industry, our initial recommendation date, the purchase price, the current yield, the cost-basis yield, the total dividend income paid since our initial recommendation, its current price, and its total return since our initial recommendation. Investors will see our current recommended action.
Useful information, to be sure, but there’s more.
Investors will want to know when Cisco shares trade ex-dividend and when the dividend will be paid. They’ll find both dates on our Dividend Calendar, which gives the ex-dividend and payment dates for all our recommendations over the next 12 months.
As for Cisco Systems, the Dividend Calendar shows it will pay its next dividend on Jan. 23. (Altria traded ex-dividend on Jan. 3.) The Dividend Calendar gives Cisco’s, as well as the ex-dividend and payment dates for all our recommendations, ex-dividend and payment dates for the next 12 months.
dividend income wealthThe portfolio table and the Dividend Calendar are useful tools, to be sure. The Dividend Calculator puts it over the top.
I’ll demonstrate with another Cisco Systems example.
You want to invest $10,000 in Cisco Systems. The Dividend Calculator will instantly tell you the number of shares $10,000 will buy at the current share price. It will tell you the dividend amount to be paid and when the dividend will be paid.
All you have to do is enter the dollar amount invested and the current share price. The Dividend Calculator does the rest.
dividend income wealth
And if you prefer to know when the dividends will be paid and the dollar amount that will be paid based on the number of Cisco shares owned, no problem. Switch to the second calculator and simply enter the number of shares.
dividend income wealthThe Dividend Calculator lets you mix and match the 33 High Yield Wealth recommendations. It lets you construct and compare income scenarios based on your goals.
dividend income wealth
When the High Yield Wealth portfolio table, Dividend Calendar, and Dividend Calculator are combined, I know of no better tool combination for creating and managing a portfolio of dividend stocks and dividend income wealth.
To get your copy of the High Yield Wealth portfolio table, Dividend Calendar, and Dividend Calculator, click here.
You’ll soon have access to not only the best dividend recommendations on the market, but also to the best tools for managing your portfolio of dividend stocks and your dividend income wealth.

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